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Ginatilan Cebu Day 2: Ka Eling’s Beach House

Last Summer the family had the chance to go on a mini Road Trip to Ginatilan Cebu to visit Tatay Techie’s family and to celebrate his Lola’s 40 days or Quaranta Diaz from the time of her death. Lola Mading was Tatay Techie’s Grandma from his father’s side and we miss her dearly. When we arrived the day after we decided to take the kids to the beach to have some bonding with their cousins and also enjoy the view. As soon as we get there, we were in for a true nature trip right in the Province. The beach was owned by a family friend and had we waited for Papa Alex ( Tatay Techie’s Dad ) my father in law the entrance could have been waived as well as the table fee of 200. But since Adi was already bugging us to go and be at the beach we went ahead and rode a tricycle for around 10 minutes and we already got to Ka Eling’s Beach House! Yay!

Ka Eling’s Beach House
Location: Poblacion, Ginatilan Cebu Philippines (4-hour travel from Cebu South Bus Terminal)

Entrance Fee: 12 pesos for Adults
Table: 200 to 250 pesos
View: Superb
Enjoyability: Kids and Adults can truly enjoy the beach. The waters are crystal clear I have never seen such clear sea water in my life! Must visit with friends or family

Don’t forget come and say Hi to the Live Octopus 🙂

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