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Repost: Make up Do’s And Dont’s

(VoistMagazine) Would you shake someone’s hand after just witnessing them dig up their nose? How about touching a door knob after someone sneezed then touched the knob with their germy hand? Or put your chip in the party sauce that a stranger in front of you double dipped into? Of course you wouldn’t, unless you want to end up with …

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Why Do I Wear Make-Up?

(source: Google)  I’ve read this beauty post tag from  Sharna. I loved reading the post and as I was about to answer the question, I kept thinking really why? Well, obviously every girl loves to look pretty and attractive. That is why, for me “make up” is God’s gift to women. (“,) would you agree? It gives us that feeling …

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Whitening is iN???

I’ve been really curious about the whitening effects of some beauty products nowadays.You know, whitening stuffs, glutathione and all.. They have even come in many forms. From the usual soaps to capsules to injectibles.At first glance, I wouldn’t mind taking one since I am part of the percentage of asian women who happen to belong under the fair-skinned.I mean, I …

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