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5 Frugal Tips for the Working Mommies

As a working mom, the best way to maximize our earnings is being frugal.After all, we have to leave our beloved little darlings at home every day to earn a decent income and be able to sustain it for their needs.We must be able to manage our money wisely and make the most of our hard-earned moolah, right?It only takes …

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Frugal Living

Ukay Haul: October 2013

Hi Momsies! I have had the chance to go back once again to shop this time at the Thrift shops. It’s high time I get to buy really cheap but still quality items  =)I believe this is great! Don’t you think? I can get to save lots of moolahs form thriftstores, plus it’s always good to see unique items/pieces at …

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