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Amazing Moringga!

Health benefits of Malunggay Leaves Living in a highly modernized community, man has tend to develop and incorporate  old herbal medicines into modern ways.Lots of medicinal benefits have been discovered by many of this small but  terrible plant we often see just by our loans and backyards.Malunggay, used by a government health agency as their Logo gave us that intricate  …

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Whitening is iN???

I’ve been really curious about the whitening effects of some beauty products nowadays.You know, whitening stuffs, glutathione and all.. They have even come in many forms. From the usual soaps to capsules to injectibles.At first glance, I wouldn’t mind taking one since I am part of the percentage of asian women who happen to belong under the fair-skinned.I mean, I …

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Zipline Adventure

Hi Guys! I am really sorry but it is a bit late that I haven’t posted here on my blog site.Anyways, I am back to share to you some of the latest happenings on my crazy world…LOLS! Last December, the zipline advetnure we’ve all been craving for came to reality.It all happened in Busay. The adrenaline rush went from the …

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