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My ADopted baby….(“,)

It has been a month but it feels like we’ve known each other for a long time.
It is wonderful to know that in this world somebody cares and loves more than you love them.
My days are even wonderful and much colorful now that I have you “di”
Thanks for this cute little gift you had given me for Christmas! Our little baby..
I sure will take good care of her.
Just that I thought of takin her with me at work.
She looks cute at my station di.. 😉
Look at her o! All wraped in plastic.. hehe.. But don’t you worry she still can breathe! Lolz!

 Evee at my station… 😉
A closer look at Evee.. 
The sight of her not only brightens my station but my day as well!

that’s meh.. busy takin her photos.. (wala magawa talaga c timoy!)
Thanks timoy for the other pics! 😉

Graz Estrella

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  1. that is our baby evee, thanks for caring mami grace…

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