Review: Sweet Honesty by AVON

i just started loving this scent. Ever since I became pregnant to my first child i’ve been easily irritated with perfumes and scents but this one didn’t fail me. I used it in the office, the rollete really do come in handy. read on for my review on this product.

Sweet Honesty – The scent of breathtaking innocence.
PROS: Has that light and soft fragrance perfect for everyday wear esp for teenagers and grown up women as well.
I have witnessed Sweet Honesty since my childhood days and how the scent for over the years has not changed at all. It has been one of my favorite ever since. When I joined AVON, I was glad that the new dealer’s kit came with the Sweet Honesty perfume (comes with the spray and the purse concentre).
Avon calls these scent a floral heart blooming with Honey, Citrus and Vanilla. It’s scent never goes out of time and trend.
SD Alcohol 40-B, Fragrance, Benzophenone-2
This is a mild, light fragrance that reminds me of ivory soap and baby powder with just a slight touch of musk like woodiness. The smell almost reminds me of a freshly bathed newborn baby. Fresh and clean and innocent. 

Sweet Honesty is a signature Avon fragrance, one that has been around since at least the early 70’s. 

The cologne is available in a 1.7 ounce spray bottle for PHP399, but occasionally Avon offers Sweet Honesty in the slim purse sized roll-on bottles, which Avon refers to as “rollettes”. Which also comes in handy and cheaper for only PHP99. The bottles hold a very light colored perfume, with a pink cap and Sweet Honesty written in bold pink letters. 

This is a cologne, not a perfume, but yet it still lingers for several hours without having to reapply. 

This is definitely a feminine scent that is unobtrusive, and works well for a young girl. When I sold Avon, I never had any women order Sweet Honesty for themselves, (it was always for their daughters). Likewise, I feel it’s a bit too inexpensive smelling for my tastes, but it’s a perfect first perfume to introduce a young girl to the world of fragrance. 

Avon also sells Sweet Honesty in matching: 

* Anti perspirant deodorant 
* Shimmering body powder 
* Perfumed skin softener 
Would you love to order one?

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  1. Amy says:

    Hello, Will you sell this cologne on eBay or something?
    I really want to get this but I can't buy in Japan… What's a shame.

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