REVIEW: Avon Super Shock Mascara

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Yes it is now February, and thanks I can already share with you some review on a product just release by the Company for Women, AVON.

I will be doing a quick review on this amazing product. I really want to try it out if its really that effective so that is why i went on and purchased it myself.

The sleek packaging.
It comes with the elegant emerald green color, the color of the year. Personally, I love it.

The unique applicator, I love how detailed it is and how it easily glides on the lashes.

The after effect! I was wowed, I only applied two strokes and viola! It gave my eyes that vava-voom look!

The lashes below shows my actual eye lash density without the product on it.

How do see it? Would you love to try it out too? Have you tried it out? Leave your comments below.

You can get a hold of it at AVON for only 239 pesos. (it was on sale when i purchased it).

Till then! and do leave your comments.

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