Fun Run Friday: My first ever Run!

Hi Momsies!
Today is my post for tomorrow. ^_^. An advanced post this is! 
Anyways, I will be incorporating my running documentation here in my blog. and i hope I do inspire some mommies out there as well. So, every Friday I will be posting fun run posts here on my blog. 
This will serve as mapping/tracking site for all of  my runs. 
The picture above was taken during the Annual Milo Marathon held here in Cebu last 2008. Venue was the Cebu City Sports Complex.
That girl in white is me. 😀 my first 5k run was fun and exhausting at the same time, since there were really LOTS of participants! the road was filled and it was hard to run. most of us were just walking. 
P.S. This run was initiated by our former college instructor for us to earn points in our course in electromagnetism 😀 based on the above photo, alam na! maraming die hard to pass… hehehe

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