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Mini haul: October 2013 + My First Ever Traincase Purchase

Hello there dears!
This post is a bit late but I am posting them anyway. =)
This were my recent haul last October before all the recent disasters earthquake and Yolanda came to haunt my place and my beloved Central Visayas, my home. So, I don’t mean to be so giddy at posting this for the past few days since I was just too overwhelmed about the recent tragedies my beloved hometown is facing.
I hope you do enjoy browsing and skimming through the photos I took about this lovely babies I got. I want to do a review but we’ll save it for later. Below are the things I got:

Fanbo Compact Foundie in Honey. I love that the pigments are really white-ish and matches my skin tone. The feel on the skin is much that of VERY Fine sand. But What the heck, I loved it!
It feels very smooth though. It gently scrubs and smoothens my face with every application. Plus it is so affordable for only PHP80 pesos! *wink*
One of my holy grails that is.

Mini Brush Set from AVON for only PHP99.00. Another steal right here! I got it for only PHP49 since this was discounted from my other AVON purchase, those lipsticks below: =) I will do a decent review on this as well.

Blush Brush, Liquid Foundie Brush, Eyeshadow Brush, Brow brush and Lip brush

my two ULTRA COLOR LIPSTICKS! in Red 2000 and dream Fuchsia. My new makeup kit staple. =)
I love the colors and the packaging.

I can clearly see which is which =). I hope AVON gets to have these in matte since the color pay-off is really good! Below are the swatches!

Dream Fuchsia (also wearing the foundie by FANBO)
Red 2000
That’s about it. =)
I’d also hope you might want to take a good look about what is inside my traincase. 
I purchased this for PHP1,500 at NOVO Mandaue. Below is the video:
(Please just ignore the background, hehehe)

Do you have makeup traincases too?  How do you store your own makeup?

Please do leave your comments! =)

have a great day ahead!

Graz Estrella

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  1. I love the brush set!! It's really a steal, I've been purchasing some Avon items but have never seen this. Hehe! 🙂

    REAlity Bites

  2. I'm sorry I neglected to express my distress over your hometown tragedies. We have been in prayer and financial support for you. God bless you.

  3. I love your makeup and both lipstick colors! You are beautiful! I don't own any makeup, I gradually stopped wearing it and haven't worn any for many years. Recently I've noticed my skin tone changing and I was thinking of softening my "old lady" skin with some foundation in a compact like yours. You have inspired me. Today would be a good day to do that! I'm visiting from Diane's Beautiful Sunday.

  4. the brush set is so affordable!!! i just wonder how does the bristle feels?

  5. Hi Janet! THe bristles are soft and yet also sturdy .. it's great for me overall

  6. Hi Jeannie! Thanks for dropping by!

  7. i think it was a limited edition rea! you should check out for their new items! =)

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