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Ukay Haul: October 2013

Hi Momsies!

I have had the chance to go back once again to shop this time at the Thrift shops. It’s high time I get to buy really cheap but still quality items  =)
I believe this is great! Don’t you think? I can get to save lots of moolahs form thriftstores, plus it’s always good to see unique items/pieces at such very low prices.. *wink*

 What I got: a bag for the go to mom.

A closer look. I bought this for PHP450. =)  I need this one since the bag that I used is not durable for rainy seasons. So, i am okay with this na. The brand reads “esly” short for Especially loving you. =) I am not yet sure but I am not familiar with this brand.

Shoes for only PHP180. I bet this is already a steal, since I only got to spend a lil amount for this. This would cost me about 500 pesos in department stores! It is still at it’s atmost appearance and the shoes are to die for. Nice talaga siya! It’s perfect to wear for parties or other events like this upcoming Christmas Parties dont you think. *wink*

I also bought 3 tops for only PHP100. =)

Total purchased: PHP730.00. I saved a lot for this amount already! =)

Have you tried shopping at thrift stores too? Post your recent purchases momsies!

Graz Estrella

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  1. you definitely got a good deal on those… Vincis Bench is actually a decent brand abroad! Mingaw na nuon kug ukay tungod sa imong post 🙂


  2. wow! heheh nice jud mag ukay! Thanks for visiting and dropping by miss eden =)

  3. Oooh I like those shoes! For only P180, definitely a steal. I haven't been to the Ukay shops for quite sometime now. Hmmm, this reminds me to check out Divi some time. 🙂
    Dawn |

  4. Thanks for dropping by Dawn.. Funny how i only replied and read this comment of yours after 2 years.. anyways, happy blogging!

  5. Wow! Great finds. It’s been awhile since I did ukay shopping. I love the thrill plus of course the savings. The best ukay shops IMHO are in Baguio so hopefully I could buy something interesting there when we visit soon.

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