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Yolanda. Help Now Wherever and Whenever You Can #YolandaPH

Last November 8, 2013, Friday was another yet rainy windy day for us.

Yolanda – the super typhoon considered to be the strongest to be ever recorded has finally did landfall.
I can really say that despite the strong winds we were fortunate to have survived and all of us were safe.

Below is my the video I got of my second attempt to cam cord it outside our little house in Mandaue City.

SAM 0618 from Ina Estrella on Vimeo.

Being a mom at this most diring time, I cannot imagine myself to be in their situation, that is why I still consider myslef blessed. and thankful. My ears for the past few days have been forever glued to news on the internet, twitter, facebook and TV. But still, there is hope for everyone.

This times, we Filipinos remember to always be there for one another. No matter what our differences may be. No matter how strong the winds may be. We will be One. One Country and One People.

So together, let us all help. You may also course thru this link via

Let us do our share and help!
Show some love, mommsies and friends!

Excerpts from the Philippine Star by Joanne Ramirez:

Everybody goes through suffering, but we don’t have to live a life of suffering. We cannot change many things, we cannot change events. But we can change the way we look at them. From the rubble left behind by Yolanda, new cities will rise, stronger people will emerge. Because there is always a new day after the storm — and the skies are always clearest after the rains have washed away the clouds. 

Graz Estrella

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