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Adrian’ turn two: Jollibee Birthday Celebration

It was an awesome Sunday, August 03, 2014.
Adi is exactly 2 come 7 in the evening.

Those photos were taken at Jollibee Parkmall here in Cebu.
It was his first birthday party at Jollibee. =)
He loves jollibee and the spaghetti, I love that he is such an energetic and hyper little boy.
Being his mom is a bit challenging, yeah.

But for once, I knew I had to do it.
I knew that for such a little time away from work cuddling him is the most precious thing to do.

after all, it is not always everyday that we splurge on events like this.
One thing I missed is that I haven’t even lit a candle up for the church. One thing I will surely need to do today.

To celebrate my son’s birthday is such an exhilarating and exciting one.
I’d love to see the smile on everyone’s faces and that sure is what mothers like me wanted.

To celebrate our children’s life.
To celebrate our being a mom a parent.

I know i will never get old seeing him like this.
never at one point regret the money spent but forever treasure the memories.

here at the roadside watching for the Ironman Triathlon at 7 in the morning =)
If you’d like to check out the birthday packages Jollibee has to offer pls visit this link :

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