5 things you can do with your Mason Jar

Hi Mommsies!

I hope you had a great weekend.
If you haven’t noticed or know yet, I have been recently interested and hooked on DIYs and Rustic Stuff.
I also have been hooked on instagram.

Today, I wanted to share with you some DIY stuffs you can do with your Mason Jars.
I purchased my first mason jar from my office mate for only 150 pesos and I must say, these jars are the bomb. I can use them for cold, hot drinks, salads, and also for my favorite shakes.

1. Mason Jar Cozy – you can create your own cozy as much as I want to but I will post my own DIY cozy next time. This is perfect to  keep your mason jar pretty and also protects your hand from condensed water from cold drinks or shakes as you hold it. Its perfect to keep your warm drink warmer for long periods too.

@sanderandsam (instagram)
2. Mason Jar as Gift – mason jars are perfect for your personalized gifts. Need I say more?
@modern_domestic (instagram
3. Mason Jar Storage – they are the perfect storage buddies for just about anything.
@mason.jars (instagram)

4. Mason Jar Salad – I love healthy foods on my mason jar, and i know you do too.  

@mason.jars (instagram)
5. Mason Jar Detox – It’s so refreshing to look at. Just perfect!

I am so excited to try out these cool stuffs on my mason jar. I also love the idea that it is so versatile and so easy to carry and use. Since I am on my cleansing days this year, I am going for the Salad in a Jar DIY and the Cleansing JUICE DIY using my very own versatile Mason Jar. If you wanna know where I purchased my Mason Jar, It is from @monte_jars. Do follow them on instagram. If you are from Cebu, Since they are Cebu Based mason jars seller.

Which DIY stuff do you want to do with your mason jar?

Hope to hear your ideas too..
Take care mommsies! Dont’ forget to share this post to your mason lover friends.

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  1. I am a fan, too. My love for crafting leads me to mason jars ages ago.
    And, my rustic themed wedding 2years ago won't be complete without it. ^_^

    Laagholic Buyog

  2. thanks ms bee glad to know that you also love this cuties!

    and thanks for dropping by!

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