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our married life and the not-so-good stuff

Hi Mommsies!

I’m not quite sure as well.

Just yesterday. I posted this Photo of us in my instagram account.

Great Sunday. Mine is not very great today. For the fact that there has always been chances that me and Allen misunderstand each other or sort of just don’t really commit the some household stuff any more. Well, it is safe to admit that sometimes married couples despite the love and affection for one another still argue at even the same old pity stuff.

I don’t even know what the blog post title relates to this blahs-o-mine but I just need a space away from the hubby I guess. As you may have read here and if you have been following my blog, Allen recently lost his day job.but I could not imagine how that would also affect his sense for the house duties when its still early morning and its quite hard for him to quit playing that game in his laptop.
I just can’t remain calm any longer mommsies. I badly need an advise.

I love my husband of course and there is no question to that. I would not marry him if I don’t.
 Just wanted him to somehow spend his time away from me. Maybe some time away would ease all the aches that we feel every time we argue. I no longer think this thing going on and on would be healthy for us and our son. Adi has been crying and shows silly reactions every time he sees us fighting. So there, its hard to expect that sort of support from him now. I don’t really know why he is acting like that. Baka lang talaga I have a problem too?

Maybe its the way I ask him to do things? Is it because I keep raising my voice when I can’t make him lists. To me?

I mean my live for him is still there. I just don’t want our problem unsettled or worse things could eventually affect our relationship.

Its only a matter of time now. I wish for this to end and hopefully we can mend all of this.

And hope that by that time it won’t be too late.

wish me luck mommsies!

God bless all of us and God bless our married lives!

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  1. Sorry to hear about what happened. But I'm sure you'll both find a way to fix things between the two of you. My husband quit his job too last year and I'm left alone to pay for everything. Trust me it's a hard decision to make but instead of being mad about it, I asked him what's going on and why he keeps on quitting his jobs. Eventually I just asked him not to apply anymore and asked him to take care of our son since we don't have a nanny. I hope everything goes well with you guys. xoxo

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