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A little somethin’

 Hi mommsies !

How was your week so far? Mine has been a bit busy as I just got back from the office right after my appendectomy operation.

Anyways, I just wanted to share with you all just a little bit of an update.
Our company where I am currently working at had recently launched its new brand logo and had the corporate rebranding worldwide. I was glad that I was able to make it to work and proud to be a part of its momentous event. I definitely look forward for more achievements and milestones for our organization. If you are a working mom like me, it’s really important that we are able to cope up and properly balance our time and efforts in particularly about everything.

So far, I can say that this has been my best days after the battles that I had just a fews back.
I felt that after overcoming my appendectomy ordeal, I felt even more stronger. I needed to do it.

That I wanted to be a stronger person for my son and my family and for my work.

It was hard for me at first. Feeling so sudden. Having to go through that was both self realizing and depressing. It is bitter – sweet.

All I can say is that, life is fragile.
That just one day I was all happy and having my zumba in the morning at home and then after a few, I’d be feeling that really strong pain in my abdomen and then eventually went to emergency operation.

It has been two weeks and the memory of my surgery is still so fresh in my head.
Just like the scars and the wound. They are healing now, but I still feel that slight pain.

I pray that all of us, go through life’s challenges and that all of us will really stay healthy not just for ourselves but most of all for our loved ones.

Just as what Ina Raymundo posted via her IG account. She shows off her battle scars.

source: instagram

I have them too from my previous pregnancy and my CS operation scar.
Now my battle scars are here to stay and I will forever be reminded of how I went through.

We will WIN in this battle mommsies!

In life We need a little somethin’:

  • to remind us that we are only human
  • to remind us that there are people who truly loves and cares
  • to make us feel strong
  • to help us grow
  • to discover what we can do that we thought we could not

May your week be blessed ahead!

Graz Estrella

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