Living on and Making it After a Major Operation

Hi Mommsies!

Hope everything is going well.
How is the Holy Week been?

As for me, I jUST go back from the MIA.. Really sorry about that. But wait,
I can still make up for it right?

Just a bit of an update friends, I went through appendectomy operation last March 23. IaI am glad to be back with blogging after a month. Good news too that now I am doing well with the recovery. Thank you to all my friends and families who prayed for me. Also I am forever thankful to my Lord and Saviour who has been there for me.

 To God be all the Glory!

PS. Pls do let me know if you want me to share some of my journey pre appendectomyand post aappendectomy. I’ll be willing to blog about it.

Thank you mommsies.

I love you all.

God Bless us all

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