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Thankful for Today

I know I am not a great person.
I have my own weaknesses, mistakes with which I often think of as a disparity of what my parents told me when I was still younger.
I grew up in a simple family in the Philippines with meager ways of living.

I can’t seem to think of it as a life I wished for but for sure I knew it was a life I wanted to improve.
I had a vision.
A vision to help my family.
As the eldest amongst four siblings, I had my fair share of the household chores to baby sitting my younger sister and brother.
The scene from my memory is not at all flattering.
It was very tiresome for me.

Time to be positive and ultimately Lean on to God for all the challenges my way.
I see it as challenging since my life now and my career does not seem to work to well but I know and I trust in God for everything.

I am thankful that despite all the mistakes I have had committed, I can still recover from it and that there is always another chance to bring myself up.

Just so as this blog who has been my daily companion, this blog has become my strength to go on..

I know I don’t have much , but I know I have the world to tell of what life can be.
It can be hard, it can be frustrating, but that’s just how it is.

We are winners after all.
We all have our own battles to fight and win.

Let us all stay strong and have a lot of faith.
For we know that God’s love will never cease.

Share the love my fellow mommies.
My fellow workers.
My fellow bloggers.
My friends from all over the world.

As you read this post, think of the things that you have and what you are grateful for.
Appreciate all of life’s complexities and circumstances.

Breathe. Get up and Live!


Graz Estrella

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