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New Media Meetup 2 for Press Freedom Week

InnoPub Media, SMART Communications, Inc and PLDT and VECO hosted the New Media Meet-up this September 25, 2015 holiday in the Philippines. The event was held at the PLDT Multipurpose Hall in time for Cebu’s Celebration for the Press Freedom Week.

There’s this path that you just got to follow to be in the light in the generation of new media(photo from @halle_ric instagram account)

photo from @kalamicebu instagram account

The event was graced by Cebu’s journalists, writers, bloggers, photographers and masscom students from different universities. There were discussions and sharing on tips on journalism and tips for surviving in the new digital media with the advance development of technology.

This year, the team tackled more on engaging readers through effective visual communication, mobile journalism in the modern world. Learning about writing strong leads for the start of the write-up (Ledes) as well as the Basic Coding literacy on HTML and CSS, using Markdown to simplify the coding process in updating and publishing online works.

a great resource for bloggers and news writers is this site Poynter.org as well as newsu.org
(photo from @mommywanders instagram)
Speakers were Vic Kintanar, multi-awarded photojournalist, Sun Star editor-in-chief Isolde Amante and Max Limpag, InnoPub Media co-founder. Also present in the event were Istorya.Net founders.

Vic Kintanar speaking about Visual Communication
(photo from @bee_con instagam account)
photo from istoryanet Learning a lot about writing from Isolde Amante 
istoryanet Max & Marlen Limpag, @beorski, and Victor Kintanar 

Smart Communications also shared there products to us and showed us their product lines namely, PLDT Home Ultera, PLDT KaAsenso Cyberya, and SMART Money, and a whole lot more. If you want to know more of this you may visit their office or check them out online.

The group also had a giveaway to the first three early comers, some raffles giving away powerbanks c/o PLDT and a photo contest on instagram using the tips and tricks discussed on Photo Journalism.

Personally, I must say kudos to the event organizers it was a really productive seminar, All I noticed and felt during the whole session was a strong feeling of passion, professionalism and sense of helping one another all through-out. I was seated next to USJR masscom students there and felt there intense will to learn from the experts. Lunch was on the organizers, the attendees were surely glad and it was clearly seen on our faces (although i am more of like looking really serious staring at the Lechon lol!)

photo from @kalamicebu IG account

photo from @kalamicebu instagram

Thanks to the event sponsors, SMART and PLDT as well as InnoPub Media!

Official event hashtags #cebupressfreedomweek #newmediameetup #livemore 

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