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How I Style My Son

I have been meaning to post several snapshots of Adi since I started to turn this blog of mine into a Mommy/Lifestyle/Craft blog.

Allow me to post some of the best shots I have with my adorable baby boy, Adi.

You know, we love to take shots of our kids and one thing to adore is that how seemingly cute they are and how much we love to look for nice clothes for them to wear.

Starting this chronicle in my blog will be like a promise to myself to be a better mommy when it comes to fashion lol! And also when it comes to choosing items for my kids. I know I am not really good at it but there is always a chance for improvement, right?

Allow me post some of Adi’s shots wearing cute, simple and affordable items which I may have found in Ukays, Department Stores.. Etc. I don’t really splurge on baby clothing since babies grow up fast. =)

I hope I can keep up, I need to update Adi’s closet I guess.
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