Let’s Get Coloring!

What I love about coloring is that it gives me the avenue to express my self. Although this has been a fad lately, I guess most people love it because it allows you some sort of freedom. Apart from that, colors brighten up your mood. Especially when done at the right moment. I am a mom and I have observed a certain level of art interests from my son. Well, not to mention that he loves watching some watercolor and lettering tutorials online via youtube, he is much interested in writing and coloring. Some coloring books for adults have been very pricey for me. Actually I was just looking for that book that has all the cute patterns but not too overwhelming as I tend to easily get bored at one thing and do other things instead, lol! I have focus problems..

But when it comes to art, well I can say that there are times that I really like to color and there are times also that I just to sketch and do some calligraphy or hand letterings. Or maybe just doodling. This pocket coloring book just saved my day as it was very affordable plus it has a lot of cute patterns in it too! Wonder where? I got it from a local bookstore here in Cebu. *wink!* If you happen to notice and if you follow me on IG I also got two pens for Calligraphy beginners. Actually, I really love it! The nib pens were quite expensive for me so I just settled for these two. Here is a sample lettering using them:

Anyways, it is a good way to start the week. I hope that you enjoy!
Anyone interested doing calligraphy too? It’s a great way to chill nowadays, right?


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