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5 Things I learned from Sun Life’s Mom’s Day Out Talk

Sun Life Philippines in cooperation with Pascual Creamy Delights, Belo Baby, Working Mom, Theodore Home Care, Sarah’s Home, Celeteque and Messy Bessy held a Mom’s Day Out event last Saturday afternoon of July 29, 2017.

We are Multi Taskers. Yes!
Family Specialist, Michelle Alignay on Balanced Motherhood

Mrs Ching Pelayo-Dacua hosted the talk
Rosario Madonna Rivera talked about Sun Life’s My Future Fund

Together with the Cebu Moms and Mommy Bloggers of Cebu we were treated to a very relaxing afternoon where we were able to talk about self-care and money management. 
I am glad that I get to learn and also interact with fellow moms who share the same sentiments. Being a mother to two toddlers and working can totally be time-consuming that most of the day I just stare at my phone scrolling through all the social media that I need to monitor because of the nature of my job.
SUN LIFE FINANCIAL PHILIPPINES, did an awesome job in doing this talk because I must say more moms if not all need the right amount of knowledge when it comes to balancing everything from budgeting, household chores, errands and even planning the family’s meal or day.
Michelle Alignay, Family and Relationships Specialist talked about Balanced Motherhood and how well we could strategize into centering time for our family without compromising the needs of our family. According to her talk, “balance is the feeling of being in touch with one’s self (body, mind, and spirit) of continually entering energy with the cooperation and conscious support of all other parts.”

I can’t help but agree with her when she said that self-care is an essential and important aspect of being a mom. No matter how busy we get, we need to take care of ourselves first in order for us to take care of our children and husband. 
She said that in order for us to address the needs, we need to be conscious of the internal imbalances within ourselves and address those imbalances properly and promptly. How? by being in tune with ourselves. Knowing our body and to take the time to listen to our body. That way, we can have more energy to do our chores and motherly duties at the same time giving the benefits of these things to our loved ones.
So what did I learn from this talk?
  1. Allow time for ourselves.
  2. Self-care and take the time to pamper once in a while in order to recharge
  3. Learn how to effectively address internal imbalances immediately.
  4. Plan for the future by managing finances properly.
  5. Put in the commitment to the marriage. 
We need to listen to the message of imbalance to be aware of what it is about. 
MyFuture Fund is a target date fund that invests primarily in high-quality stocks and a mix of government and domestic corporate debt in accordance with an asset allocation strategy that promotes capital appreciation at the onset to maximize earning potential in the earlier years and shifts to wealth preservation to reduce exposure to risk as the maturity of the fund approaches.” – source: Sun Life website

For more information about SUN LIFE’s My Future Fund, visit their website

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