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Family Home Cooked Meals: Stan’s Tinolahan and Grill

 Last August 18, 2017 Stan Tamchan owner of Choobi Choobi opened the New Stan’s Tinolahan and Grill. Celebrity Daniel Matsunaga graced the event.

Cebuanos will again get to enjoy home-cooked meals with their friends and family as they offer a variety of Soups and Stew, Grilled Foods, Fried Foods, Kinilaw and Noodles.

Addressing the needs of having a variety of foods that are affordable and feel like home Stan’s Tinolahan+Grill was established. “With Stan’s Tinolahan+Grill Restaurant, one is assured of that perfect balance in your everyday weekday meals. It’s practically like eating from your mothers cooking. Your kitchen away from home, so to speak” said Stan Tanchan, founder of the Stan’s. Tinolahan+Grill restaurant.

“I would like to invite the Cebuanos and guests to come visit our restaurant. There they can see the food being served steaming hot in a few minutes. They can further see that the food comes with choice parts and big portions. Now don’t take my word for it. As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and you can validate what I’m saying by visiting and … eating! So do come to Stan’s Tinolahan+Grill and experience your mother’s cooking away from your home. You can never go wrong with home-cooked food.”

Stan’s Tinolahan+Grill is located at the capitol area, near Dynasty Inn, formerly Choobi Choobi restaurant. 

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