We Made It! – Traveling with the Kids to Ginatilan Cebu

Yay! taken at Ginatilan Lighthouse Park

Ginatilan Church where Tatay got baptized too! Love the architecture of this old church
I have never seen a public market this clean
Tatay’s brother and his Papa/ This was taken during our short look at the Beachline there in Parola. I love the place so much!
Last June, the family got to go visit Tatay Techie’s hometown here in Cebu. The Province of Ginatilan.
It was our first time to travel together after a long time so I had the opportunity to take my camera and took some shots of the moments we are going to have but on our way there, it was a very hard thing for me to cope. As you can see, I have this thing called ‘nerbyos’ right after I gave birth to Ami, I was ordered to take medicines once the doctor advised me to do so because it was hyperacidity. And nothing more. I couldn’t blame anyone for this because I know that it was ultimately my fault to leave myself in the realm of not being to take the right amount of food. Breastfeeding Ami has its’ issues and I couldn’t seem to control my food intake anymore as I always.
It was during this moment that taking an aircon bus was our only best option. When you have kids in tow, you better be seated on the most comfortable transportation as well as to avoid any untoward incidents it is best to prepare water, formula milk, food, let them wear diapers, even Adi had to because we can’t just let him pee inside the bus.
Also, if you have time prepare in advance a comfortable sleeping pillow that your kids can use. Our travel bag came in handy during the trip. 😂😁
Tatay got to prepare his music as well, So it was way much better to have it since Ami loves listening to music that much.

The four hour trip to Ginatilan is long but happy! Because Adi and Ami got to see something outside their comfort zone. It was Adi’s third time to visit and Ami’s first.

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