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That’s a wrap for 2017!

I must say, 2017 was my year! 2016 was full of downs and I am thankful for all the things I learned from that year!

2017 gave me the avenue to truly know and do what I love doing and feel really passionate about which is motherhood and women empowerment. Just as the main mission of this blog which is to help empower women living here in the Philippines. The thing called motherhood is a very great journey that I have for the past 5 years!

I gladly want to look back on my whole journey through this blog. Blogging has been my outlet and have even blessed me enough skills that I am now using to work from home.

2017 looking back was an even bigger learning of things in the aspect of family life and marriage. We have surpassed a lot of trials this year, not knowing that we came out really strong and determined to achieve all our goals this year.


This year, I want to focus on my Freelancing and also learn more about SEO in the fields of Blogging and Digital Marketing. MY whole career shifted and I am really happy to finally work and make use of my creativity in the fields of Social Media Marketing and Content Creation. THe one thing we also wanted to focus this year is to be able to save up for our Future Home.


Our little family’s goal this year is to be able to really save up more and minimize unnecessary expenses. We are also gonna be doing some challenges all throughout the year and see how it goes.


All in All my wish for this year 2018 is to be able to have Good Health and Well planned activities for the family. So we could enjoy time together and manage everything without stressing ourselves out. That is why one of our goals for this year is to enjoy life with the simplest things that we have.

What are your goals this year? Wish you all a prosperous New year and May you have all the happiness that you truly deserve!


Graz Estrella

I love to share about my mommy experiences, beauty hauls and travels with my family. I also love to share about my life as a work from home mom and some tips on online marketing and blogging! Join my free Facebook Community , to learn more

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