Getting my first client in Upwork

How I got my first client in Upwork

Yay! Its been one year since I officially launched my virtual assistance career. Now I am happily working from home. In this post, I am going to share with you how I got my first client. I have been blogging for 10 years now but only a year in the virtual work. Working from gave me the flexibility that I needed.

Getting here is not easy. Looking back at the year 2014, I already heard of those work from home jobs where some of my friends would generally be working and earning from home. I could only think about how I could pay all my debts. Thinking how I could fire my manager and leave for good.


I kept on working out my thoughts and signed up for ODESK last 2014 but never really explored on it that much not until late of 2015 when I believe the year that they turned into UPWORK.COM. I was able to sign up for the platform on those years and have it approved and verified because nowadays, it’s quite hard getting approved with all the applicants and freelancers.

I got my first client last August 30, 2017, on my 31st birthday! For me, it was really unexpected and also I just was hoping that I could get a job online to help my husband and also be there for my two kids. Some job that offers me more flexibility than an office based 9 to 5 job could not give me.


I got hired as an Administrative Assistant Part Time for a client in Australia and the job was only to edit some of her Canva files and convert those MS Doc Files into her Canva template and just format things out making it look presentable for her online university that she was about to launch.


I got the job simply by sending a proposal to the client via Upwork. The initial offer I sent was 2.80 USD per hour. She grabbed the opportunity I guess because the job was quite easy and it only takes a little time to edit it. So the client plans to hire somebody who is willing to do the job at a lesser price point.

TIP: If you are just starting out and looking for experience try to apply to beginner level job posts and try to lower down your charge based on the type of work needed. My first job was clearly a data encoding job and formatting task. But it was all worth it cause it gave me the experience I needed to explore how Upwork works 🙂

If you aspire to work online and transition from working in an office to working from home, believe me, it takes a lot of courage and determination to win your first client. Just hone your skills and you can land your first online job.

How about you? Are you also working from home? How did you win your first paying client? Share it in the comments below!

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