A Sick-Day Survival Guide For Freelancers

There are lots of benefits that come with life as a freelancer. For instance, you get to enjoy greater flexibility with your work and can come up with your very own schedule. Plus, you get to sign up for some projects that you are completely passionate about as you will now be able to pick and choose clients as you please. However, there are some disadvantages that come with working for yourself as well. One of the main ones is that you won’t be paid for any sick days. As a result, most freelancers try to work through their illnesses no matter how severe they are. That’s often a bad strategy, though, as it could affect the quality of your work. To help you survive your sick days, here are some great coping strategies.



Look For Financial Support

Just taking one day off shouldn’t hurt your finances too much, but needing to stop work for a few days or even weeks could be problematic. However, no matter the financial strain, it’s essential that you put your recovery first and take this time off. Thankfully, there are ways you could get some financial support. First of all, you might want to talk to a firm like about claiming some compensation if you are off due to injuries from an accident that wasn’t your fault. It’s also worth checking the government benefits that are available as you may be able to claim some while you are unemployed.

Put Your Recovery First

Remember that you always need to put your recovery first. Otherwise, you won’t get back to full health and fitness in as quick a time as possible, and this could prolong the length of time you need to take off work. So, no matter how busy you may be, make sure you always take at least one day off so that you have some time to rest and recuperate.


Outsource To Your Network

There’s a good chance that you already know a few fellow freelancers who work on similar projects to you. If not, it’s worth setting up a profile on so that you can start networking with others who are also self-employed. Once you have built up your network, you might be able to outsource some of your work while you are sick. That way, you don’t run the risk of losing any big contracts.

Postpone Non-Essential Tasks And Meetings

If you are slightly under the weather and think you can manage to continue with some work, it’s wise to postpone any non-essential tasks and meetings. These can then be done when you have fully recovered and are feeling like your old self again. Just take care of the tasks that you need to get done or work on any projects that have a pressing deadline.



Take Care Of Yourself

Make sure you take regular naps and eat right while you are ill so that you can speed up your recovery!

As you can see, taking a sick day as a freelancer isn’t impossible!

Grace Estrella - Cabanog
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