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How To Mentally Switch Off From Your Busy Career


Let’s not split hairs, being a freelancer is hard. From the moment you get your first client, you are on the go, life doesn’t stop. We need to mentally switch off from our busy career. And it’s this momentum that we can struggle with because we are constantly pushing forward without an end in sight. But this isn’t good for us, health-wise. This is why we have to not just work hard, but we have to rest smart. This means that we need to, not just look at fixing our work-life balance, but make that proper effort to give us some time to ourselves, time that we can switch off from our working life. And what’s the best way to do this? Hobbies that we love, or, at the very least, hobbies that are distracting! So what are the best ones?


Long Journeys On The Road

Some people love the idea of the open road, because it gives that time too, not just process all of their thoughts away from their normal life, but the focus required to be on the road, either in a car or on a motorbike, means that they are finally able to distract themselves from working pressures. Of course, you need to be careful with this, if you’re riding a motorcycle; you need to give it 110% focus because you don’t want to end up in an accident, and having to consult a motorcycle accident lawyer to help get you out of a jam. Being in the car, and going down a freeway at 60 miles an hour can be liberating, but can also help you to come up with some of your best ideas. Getting into that flow state where you are in supreme focus can be attained while traveling at high speeds, but at the same time, having long journeys on the road does give us that time to embrace this monotony.

Creative Hobbies

Creative hobbies, in so many ways, help to switch on our brain to new and exciting ways of thinking. If you are feeling that you are dry in a creative sense, or you are fed up of scouring the freelance websites at 2 in the morning, you’ve got to find a good way to switch your brain off. Being creative, by painting, reading, or playing an instrument, are all fantastic ways to utilize other parts of your brain that you wouldn’t normally use. Keeping your mind nimble, especially when you are struggling as a freelancer is very difficult. This is why you need to constantly push your own mental boundaries.

Ways To Relax Our Brain

If we work hard, we have to rest hard. This is not just by the usual practices, such as reading a book, but also, getting into the habit of sitting in silence, listening to your breath, and doing nothing is a perfect way to switch off your mind from the troubles of being a freelancer. You can find your mind going at a mile a minute and this may feel good at the time, but you still need to maximize your downtime so when you are working, you are working at 110%.


Grace Estrella - Cabanog
Author: Grace Estrella - Cabanog

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