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How To Take The Unpredictability Out Of Freelancing

Working as a freelancer is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits. The boss gets to work the hours they want, pick and choose their contracts, and fit their job around their life. For stay-at-moms and entrepreneurs and anyone who is tired of the status quo, this is an excellent way to make money and love your career.

It’s not a total walk in the park. Being self-employed means there is no job security. One minute you’re rolling in cash and the next you’re thinking about from where a paycheck is going to appear.

If you choose this life, unpredictability is a major factor. The good news is the tips underneath can help limit the damage.

Buy An Insurance Policy

Usually, work dries up not through a fault of your own but someone else’s. Anyone involved in an accident like a car crash or a trip or fall is not going to be able to work. Because there isn’t any sick pay to fall back on, the budget will soon start to look bare. Thankfully, an insurance policy will pick up the tab and pay for your expenses when you aren’t able. They are sneaky at times, so you should check out

Don’t let them reject the claim without asking them for info as to why. See here for tips on how to secure the best deal.

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Deal In Long-Term Contracts

When an email lands in your inbox and it says thanks but no thank you, that’s when it hurts. Clients are hard to come by, so you want to keep them on the hook for as long as possible. The best way to do it is with a long-term contract, which is why you need to focus on quality. Businesses use freelancers they can trust as they hate unpredictability too. So, if you’re often late, miss deadlines and the product isn’t up to standard, then they’ll bounce.

Cultivate Contacts

When jobs are scarce, you need to rely on a series of contacts to get back into the game. The thing about a friend is they will scratch your back if you return the favor. So, don’t be afraid to pass work to acquaintances and give them a glowing recommendation. When they hear about your gesture, they’ll be inclined to do the same. The result is a steady flow of queries in your direction. Business insider has advice if you’re unsure.

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Never Say No

Once a client asks you to do a job, you shouldn’t turn it down. Yes, you’re that busy you can’t move at the moment, but you don’t know what the future holds. Within weeks, steady customers may leave and then you’ll wish you said yes. Remember that it’s better to expand your operation than it is to reject work and stagnate. All it takes is a couple of extra employees to make sure you hit new deadlines. Plus, think about the money you can save for a rainy day.

Isn’t a savings fund the ultimate way to take the unpredictability out of freelancing?

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