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11 Ways You Can Plan A Completely Unique Wedding

If you’ve been to a wedding or two in your life, and chances are that you have, it’s likely you noticed a few similar themes running through them. Weddings are a wonderful time to bring family and friends together and celebrate the love of two people who are special to you, but they can get a bit..samey, from time to time! If you’re planning a wedding of your own sometime soon, chances are, you’re going to want to have a unique wedding that is all your own and cannot be compared to another.

So, what can you do to make this happen? Here, there are 11 suggestions you can use when planning your own wedding that you may find helpful!


1. Don’t Worry About Sticking To Old Traditions

Weddings are age-old traditions. They have been around for generations. This means that there are many wedding traditions that are used again and again in ceremonies and receptions. Well, here’s the good news; if a tradition doesn’t resonate with you, you can choose not to have it! You don’t have to use any tradition in your own wedding that doesn’t feel right to you. Whether this is not seeing your partner before the ceremony, or even having a wedding cake, you don’t have to have it if you don’t want it. Your wedding day is yours to make exactly as you wish, so start with a blank canvas. Figure out what truly matters to you and you will plan the wedding of your dreams.

2. Mix A Little Of Old And New

There are various themes that people like to have for their weddings. Some people choose to have more contemporary weddings, while other people choose to have more vintage styled weddings. If you’re unsure, how about mixing a little of old and a little new? You can create your own unique style and theme by picking and choosing which parts of each theme and style you like the best. You might be wondering how you can make these themes work together seamlessly. Easy! By unifying them with one color scheme.

3. Stay Away From Wedding Trends

Reading wedding magazines and articles is great for inspiration, but don’t feel under pressure to go with wedding trends just because they are in fashion. You can create a wedding trend that is all your own. Just because ice sculptures are popular, doesn’t mean you have to have them. Just because the ‘rustic’ theme is popular, doesn’t mean you have to have it.


4. Take Your Time To Look Into Vendors That Suit Your Vision

Having a clear vision of your wedding before you look into vendors is important. This way, you can find vendors that suit your vision perfectly. Make sure you take your time to do your research and read reviews and testimonials. You may also want to set up interviews and consultations with them to ensure you’ll be happy to work with them in the upcoming months. Wedding planning is stressful enough without choosing the wrong vendor, or one that you just can’t seem to build a rapport with!


5. Don’t Forget The Finer Details

The finer details of a wedding can help to set the feel for the day and make all the difference. Looking at Pure Invitation’s collection of wedding invites should give you a good idea of how invitations can help to set the tone for your big day. Then you can look at things like chair and table decorations, and other small elements that will add to your overall wedding. Again, you don’t have to have chair decorations, or even centerpieces if you don’t want them, but knowing your vision will help you to make these tough decisions.

6. Always Incorporate Your Personality

Your wedding day should be about you and your partner. It doesn’t have to be a traditional ‘fairy tale’ if that’s not what you want. Make sure you always incorporate your personality into your wedding day, whether that’s by playing heavy metal music or by having your wedding cake in the shape of a scooter. It’s all about you, so have fun with it and break the rules!


7. Think About Your Guests

This is your day, and you definitely want your guests to peak elements of your personality as individuals and as a couple throughout. However, you also want to think about your guests and how much fun they are going to have on your big day. What sort of people will be attending your wedding, and how do you think you can make the day memorable and special for them, too? Perhaps you can give people a special mention in the wedding speeches. Maybe you can have a photographer taking Polaroid photographs for them to take home and remember the day. Maybe you could create a diverse playlist that everybody will love. Think about this carefully! You could even create RSVP cards where guests suggest a song they’d like to hear on the day.

8. Make a Wedding Website

Having a wedding website is fun, can keep people updated before the big day, and can even keep people updated afterward. Let’s say you hired a video confessional booth as entertainment; you could upload some videos for people to watch afterward. Get creative!

9. Have A Dress Change

You only have one wedding day, so why not make an entrance to your reception with a dress change?

10. Keep Guests Partying All Night Long

If you want to keep your guests ready to party all night long, consider serving coffee and give them comfortable places to sit before they get up to dance again. A lounge area can also be a great place for guests to chat!

11. Really Think About Your Wedding Gifts

You don’t have to give favors or gifts, but if you’d like to, you could always make them an accessory to your reception. For instance, giving out props like maracas and novelty glasses could make for some great photographs and entertainment as the night goes on!

Hope you learn a thing or two in this list. What are your wedding prep ideas? Share them in the comments below!


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