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3 Simple Changes to Bring Your Interior to Life

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Interior design is not a fixed science. Actually – this is why designers are constantly changing their minds about what is fashionable and what is not. The design is influenced by personal tastes but it also fluctuates with new technologies and fashions. But there are a few things that tend to stay fairly constant within the interior design industry.

If you want to bring instant life to your interior, there are 3 basic things you can do: add lighting, introduce new textures and create a focal feature. Need a little more guidance? Here’s what you should do.

Mixing Up Your Lighting Options

Lighting is quite possibly the most important part of any design – interior or exterior. There are lots of different types of lighting available and even Edison style bulbs are now eco-friendly. This means that you have lots of options for styling your own home.


The key to lighting is having lots of choices. So, you will likely want a ceiling light for illuminating the whole room but other types of lighting will offer a more ambient setting. So, table lights offer subtle lighting, novelty lights light a neon flamingo create a bit of fun, string lights offer soft lighting and, in the kitchen, task lighting (under cabinets, for example) creates a bright light just where you are working. An electrician Auckland will be able to help you design a lighting grid and install the wiring and fittings for you.

Combining Different Textures

Texture is hugely important and combining different textures adds instant intrigue to your interior. Think about mixing particular textures to create contrast without having to deviate from your colour palette. Soft furnishings are a cheap and easy method for introducing different textures so think about cushions, throws and rugs for a quick fix.


The materials you choose also come with different textures. In a minimalist design, you might decide to limit your palette to just a few materials but it is still important to choose carefully. Minimalism isn’t for everyone though so learning to have fun with the materials you choose is key.

Refocusing Your Design

Every room needs a focal point, something that draws your eye. Creating a main focal point and then having other points of interest to draw your eye around the room is a nice way to make a room feel bigger. There are lots of different ways to create a focal point in even the dullest room, you just need to pick one idea and run with it!

A shot of color in an otherwise plain palette, a stunning work of art or a beautiful piece of furniture could all be the perfect focal point but what you choose depends on your style and ambition for the room. The cheapest method is to create a feature wall using a contrasting color of paint.

Bringing your interior to life is often about finding ways to add interest and intrigue to the room. And the best part is that you don’t need designer prices to get a designer look.

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