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Cebu Peoples Coop Membership and Benefits – My Coop Story

Joining Cebu People’s Coop last May of this year 2018 was the best decision I have made since I have started working from home. First of all, I wanted a community that uplifts the social status of its members and when I learned about the Cooperative from my cousin, I researched about it and have learned a lot of benefits by being a member.

Not only do you get to save and invest, but you can also join the marketing / entrepreneurial division by promoting the coop, its products and also invite your friends and family over to the cooperative.

Who we are at Cebu People’s Coop?

We are a group of socially conscious individuals coming from all walks of life, regardless of their backgrounds, styles, gender, benefits and ideas, respecting and working together, committed to uplift the economic and social status of its members.

WHAT do I love ABOUT  Cebu People’s Coop ?

I love the culture the heart and dedication of its leaders, Cebu Peoples Coop has been around for 45 years and I am so glad to be a part of this organization.



Another reason that I joined this coop because not only can I save and invest, I get to be a part owner/ shareholder while also earning from marketing and referring my colleagues and friends to be a part of the coop. The steps are actually easy. Just view the list down below:

From MyCoop.Ph website:


  •  Filipino citizen.
  •  Legal Age (18 years old and above).
  •  Resident of the Barangay anywhere in the Philippines.
  •  Socially Conscious Individual is a prerequisite.


  •  Birth Certificate and Marriage Contract if married.
  •  Barangay Clearance (Stating the purpose: for membership of CPMPC
  •  Latest Colored ID Picture (2 pieces 1×1 white background)
  •  Proof of Address (e.g utility bill)
  •  TIN or Tax Identification Number
  •  Present Valid ID (Preferably government issued ID e.g. Driver License, Postal ID, SSS, COMELEC, etc.)

I joined the cheapest business package they offer because I was only starting out and I really want to invest and also earn at the same time while saving my hard earned money!

The kit that I got after 2 weeks from membership:



  1. Savings Account
  2. Shared Capital Build-Up Investment minimum of PHP2, 500
  3. Affordable HMO from 1 Coop Health for only PHP3,600 per annum (60k per illness)
  4. My Coop Care Emergency Card ( for emergency admissions)
  5. Livelihood Programs and Business Loans
  6. Access to Quick Cash Loans
  7. Access to Housing Loans and Rent to Own Programs
  8. E-Commerce Access and Earning Potential
  9. Discount COupons to Products available at the Coop Store
  10. Educational Assistance, etc.

There are a lot of opportunities and programs in store for you so don’t miss this opportunity by being a member of the most trusted coop in the Philippines.

If you want to know more about Cebu Peoples COOP and how to be a member, you can message me directly or send me an email at or like my FB Page HERE

If you are interested in joining our business, pls view this video 🙂

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