Ways to Add Fun And Wonder To Your Wedding Recipe

Couple often gets a little too serious about planning their wedding. First, it starts to become like a race to the finish line. Once you get engaged, most people begin to wonder how quickly they can plan a wedding and begin this brilliant new life chapter. That leads to a massive rush to get everything ready from the decorations to the invitations and the venue. It all piles on to the point where you can find yourself struggling to breathe under the pressure. You need to avoid this.

Then, you decide you want everything to be perfect. Perfect, it has to be unbeatable, indescribable and absolutely magnificent. But the thing is, it doesn’t. All your wedding has to be is a dream come true for you, and that will mean different things for different people. Above all though, we think a key element that should not be missed from your wedding is the fun. It’s weird to think about a wedding like this, but it is essentially just one massive party. Particularly the reception where those who you love and know will dance the night away in celebration of your new partnership. So, you want to make it fun and thrilling for them as well as for you.

That’s the question we’re going to answer today. How can you put the fun into your dream wedding?

Here are some Ways to Add Fun And Wonder To Your Wedding Recipe:

Playing With Themes

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The first option would be to consider a theme wedding. You can take this idea as far as you like. Do you want to hold your wedding ceremony underwater in the ocean?



Believe it or not, there are companies that can make that happen for you and we think that certainly adds a level of excitement to the proceedings. Whether or not your guests will appreciate wearing a wetsuit may be a consideration and there’s also the expense. But this is just one example of an extreme, themed wedding. You can go a little simpler, theming the wedding outfits around a particular concept. How about a Disney fairytale theme where the bridesmaids are dressed like Disney princesses? This might take the spotlight off the bride, but it will lead to some tremendous wedding pictures.

A theme can be anything you like, anything that you can imagine. A winter wedding in summer is another popular theme that is absolutely spectacular when approached correctly.

Fun With Photos

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You should consider whether you want the typical, boring wedding day photos of your special day. It’s quite popular these days not to have people pose at all. Instead, you hire an artistic photographer who passes through your ceremony and captures moments. This could be a moment of joy, laughter or something moving. They may not take a picture of the main couple but rather a guest reacting to something that has been said or potentially someone completing a toast. These moments provide snapshots of your day that are far more meaningful than the typical ‘pose for the flash’ photo.

Of course, posing can also be made a lot more fun too, and you can do that with companies like Booth Boy. Using their service, you can hire a photo booth and let your guests take the photos that they want. You’ll certainly have some laughs when you view them once you return back from your honeymoon. If this sounds like a great idea, you’ll be pleased to hear it’s really simple to set up and organise. You also won’t have to spend hours or even days choosing the right photographer for your needs.

A cheaper option would also be to put disposable cameras on each table at your wedding and let your guests take whatever photos they want. Old fashioned though this idea is, it’s still quite popular today and will once again give you some great, intimate touching moments.

Accessories, Activities, And Toys

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We’re thinking about the reception now, and that’s just about making sure that everyone has a great time. Go beyond dancing and food with some great toys for guests to play with like massive bubble blowers. These can be fantastic to toy around with and will fill the air with massive soap bubbles. Again, this could make for some fantastic photos for your big day and a rather amazing backdrop, particularly if you are getting married outdoors. It can be fun inside as well but you do need to watch out for slips and falls.

Of course, you can add fun indoors to your wedding by throwing in some old-fashioned games at the reception from musical chairs to pin the tail on the donkey and much more. It’s a great option to allow your guests to feel what it’s like to be a kid again but it could also be a smart move if you’re trying to plan a kid-friendly wedding. Remember, a reception can be boring, particularly for young children. Adding some games can really liven things up a little more.

Make The Ceremony Memorable

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Sometimes making sure your wedding is fun is just a matter of doing what you can to guarantee it’s a little more unique than the typical ceremony. Think about the areas that you can change to make it fit you and your partner more. An example of this would be the wedding march. There’s no written rule that says you need to have this piece of music. You can walk down the aisle with whatever type you like. You can even have live music to play though this will be an added cost.

Your vows can be unique too. Make them personal, allowing the people at your wedding to connect with your ceremony and who you are as a couple. This will once again ensure that your ceremony is completely different from every other one that they might have been to. Your wedding will be more fun and indeed meaningful because you have shown them who you are and what your relationship means.

We hope you use some of these ideas to add a little more fun and wonder to your big, beautiful day.

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