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Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Weddings are exciting, especially if you’re preparing yours – or helping friends to plan theirs. But, one of the main problems about weddings is that they are at risk of becoming a little too clichés. We’ve seen it all in films and magazines. We all share almost the same expectations. And in the end, everyone – whether they are guests or hosts – already knows what is going to happen and what it’s going to look like. You do need an element of surprise, for yourself and your guests. Sometimes, you need to take a different approach to some of the most followed rituals to up your game and keep the moment magical.

Here’s how to bring a touch of fun to the traditional good luck custom; something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

blue hair

Be your something blue

Something old

While it might be tempting to hire a vintage car for the day, keep an open mind and look for new options. Something old can indeed mean vintage, but who says that vintage can’t be yours? You can find excellent second-hand shops that are specialists in period clothing, for instance. For a touch of luxury, take a look at The Fifth Collection, which focus on luxury brands. They have beautiful items in exquisite condition. You could find the perfect pair of shoes there!  


Something new

It’s interesting how, for a lot of people, something new means you have to buy a new item for the reception. In reality, most wedding receptions are filled with ‘new creations’, from the venue decor to the flowers. To keep things light-hearted, you can ask your decor team to keep some fresh flowers, which you can add to your hairstyle. It’s an excellent way of creating an accent and bringing something new to your outfit. You can also find artisan jewellers who can add the flowers of your choice to their creations – a small flower in a glass bubble makes an elegant pendant.

Something borrowed

What can you borrow that you can easily give back once the reception is over? Very few brides choose to use a relative’s dress. But borrowing shoes or a bridal veil is always an alternative. If you are a craft enthusiast, you can make the most of your skills to give life back to the item you’re borrowing. Think, for instance, of your grandmother’s dress. It’s likely to have become brittle with age. But that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything about it. You can borrow a little bit of fabric to pin to your veil or your corset.

Something blue

The typical bridal choice for blue is a pale blue garter. But in the 21st century, it’s fair to say that you probably don’t need to hop up your stockings anymore. Why brides continue to keep a blue garter as a tongue-in-cheek item, you can be a little creative here. If you’re adventurous enough, you could embrace colorful hair – a blue strand of hair can do the trick, or you can opt for blue curly tips. More often than not, you can find temporary hair dyes that wash out in a few days, so there’s no risk of turning yourself in a faded smurf for a long period of time!

How creative are you ready to be for your wedding? Only you know. But one thing matters: creativity helps you to personalise the day!

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