13 Ways Freelancing Gives You Freedom



The world of work is an interesting place. It’s something we do for money. To support our lifestyles. To live. But it’s also quite often something that we do for enjoyment too. Because we’re a long time working. We spend a large portion of our lives, most of the time that we are actually alive, working. And so isn’t it fair that we get to do something that we love. Or, at the very least, seems right for us? However, so many of us fall into career paths that perhaps are not. That couldn’t be any further from what we like in life. And it makes us all so unhappy.


If you are someone that has ever felt stressed out at work. Or anxiety about going to work. Or trapped. Then you know exactly what this is life. Maybe you’ve known for a while that you are on the right path. Or you’ve always known because you were pushed in a certain direction. But now could be the perfect time to think about changing that. If you’ve always wanted to work for yourself or to freelance, then you need to understand just how freeing this can be for you. How it can benefit your life. To do exactly that, we’re going to look at the very ways that freelancing gives you freedom.

1. You Are Your Own Boss

So first of all, the most obvious freedom is that you are your own boss. Instead of working for a mean boss or for having a ton of people above you, nobody is above you. And it’s just you! You answer to yourself. So this means that you have complete freedom to decide upon everything and anything with regards to your business and work.

2. You Choose Your Clients

One of the things that isn’t always fun when you work for someone else, is that you don’t always get to choose the work that you do. Or who you do it for. But when you’re freelance, you get to choose your clients. You can handpick the right clients to approach. And if you have people contacting you, you can turn them down. You are free to work with whomever you wish.


3. You Choose Your Working Hours

And you also choose your own working hours too. And this works in a range of ways. It could be the time that you commit as https://leavingworkbehind.com/much-time-work-per-week-freelancer/ talks about. So whether you work twenty hour weeks or sixty hour weeks. But also, you can work at 6am at night or 6pm in the evening. It feels very freeing to work when you want to.


4. The Kind Of Work You Do Is Up To You

Then, you are also free to choose the kind of work that you do. So instead of ALL kinds of writing or just ONE kind of writing. Or set styles of design. Or projects that are limiting. Or only for set industries. You can choose. You are your own boss and you are running this thing. So the work that you choose to specialize in and do on a daily basis is completely up to you.

5. You Can Say No

And, what’s even better than that, is that you also get to say no! If you do not want to work with a set person. Or you don’t want to take on a project. Or you don’t want to work extra time or hours. You. Do. No. Have. To. The freedom is that you are in control and you can do what you like!

6. You Can Have As Much Time Off As You Like

If you really hate being limited by holiday time at work, then when you’re freelance, you need to remember that you can take as much time off as you like. If you want to take a week off each month, you can. But at the same time, you can end up working an entire month straight if you wanted, to then have an entire month off after that.

7. You Can Travel

And, you get to travel. This is something that is real easy to forget, but you shouldn’t. Because if you like to take time off to go on holiday, then knowing that you can travel as much as you like with the time off that you take, is always a plus. And this is one of the best things that comes with the freedom of freelancing.

8. You Are Location Independent

But not only that, you have to remember that a HUGE freedom of being freelance is that you are location independent most of the time. If you work remotely and you deal with your clients online, then you can work from anywhere. You can rent an apartment in https://rumahdijual.com/carirumah.php for a few months. Or you can tour around Europe. As long as you have WiFi, you can work. And what could be better than that?

9. You Can Collaborate With Who You Want

And you can collaborate with other writers. Or with businesses. Or do events. You can associate with the people that you believe in the most! And not who your company tells you too.


10. You Set Your Branding

It’s also a lot of fun to come up with your own branding design too. This is a great way to help you ensure that you are marketing to the right people. And you, again, are completely free to choose what you like.

11. You Are In Control Of Your Money

But then, one of the most important areas of all, is that you are in control of your money. Of your income. Of what your business spends. And what you earn too. This isn’t a kind of freedom you get when you work for someone else. But it is one of the most alluring of being a freelancer.

12. You Set Your Fees

At the same time, YOU are the one that gets to choose your fees. Sure, clients will negotiate with you from time to time. But you are not stuck to a set salary, nor are you limited. You can choose the freelance rates that you want. That you think you’re worth. That you believe will cover your time. And this is an important thing to remember about being freelance.

13. You Can Earn As Much As You Like

But then finally, you also need to be aware that, one of the better freedoms of freelancing is that you can earn pretty much as much money as you like. Yes, that’s correct. If you want to really push your work one month and gain extras and more clients and add-on commissions, you can. If you want it bad enough. You just have to know that you ARE in control of your time and your fees and your efforts and your talent. And if you want to do more, you are free to do so.


And there you have it. There are a ton of benefits that can come from freelancing. Yet, so many of them are quite often overlooked. So if you are someone that has thought about freelancing in the past, but you’ve felt overwhelmed by the idea of it. Or others are telling you it’s not stable or it’s a bad idea, yet you really believe it’s for you. Hopefully, these points on all things freedom and more, are going to be the catalyst you need to start freelancing yourself.

13 ways freelancing gives you freedom


Grace Estrella - Cabanog
Author: Grace Estrella - Cabanog

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  1. Thank you. Your inputs are really helpful. I used to freelance a few years back and then stopped for a couple of years due to instability. But then, got stuck to the 9-5, corporate world and felt trapped even if I grew career wise. Now, am back to freelancing and I’ve never felt this free for such a long time.

    Your content is highly recommended.

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