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5 Wedding Planning Priorities You Can Box Off

Getting engaged is going to be such a memorable time for you as a couple. The excitement of the big day, the prospect of the next chapter of your lives and being loved up. It is an amazing feeling. But when reality sets in that you need to plan the day, you can start to feel a little overwhelmed about the task in front of you. It can seem like such a big deal, with many decision to make and money to be spent in all kinds of ways. However, once you get a few things ticked off the list, you can start to get into a flow. Here are some of the things that you can box off first.


Start with the type of wedding you want


First of all, take some time to think about the sort of wedding that you might want to have. It can be all-consuming at first, with so many options, but in your heart of hearts, you will likely know what you want. Is it a small and initiate affair? Do you want something religious? Are you hoping for a lavish event? Knowing what you want and even considering the budget that you have will help you make decisions further down the line.

Get wedding dress shopping


Wedding dress shopping is a highlight for many, and so the sooner you start to do it, the more in tune you will be with what you want for your special day. You may already have a style in mind,

but take the time to try on all styles to ensure the one you think you want turns out to be the best choice. You may find that s style you haven’t considered looks amazing.

Capturing the day is important


The thing you will look back on the most is the photographs, so ensure that you do all that you can to book the right sort of photographer sooner rather than later. Good ones get booked up quickly. Take the time to look at their work, and make sure that you like the style of pictures that they take. Have meetings and discuss what you want, and don’t be afraid to be vocal about the images you want to be captured.

wedding photography

Think of your invites and guest list


It is important to decide on a date sooner rather than later, and then to get the invites out at your earliest convenience. Especially if you are planning on getting married during the summer months. People book up their holidays in advance, and you may find that other people have weddings on the same weekend or day. The guest list can be a hard one to overcome, but ember it is your day, so invite who you want there to celebrate with you.


Choose a venue

Finally, choose a venue that suits the type of wedding you want, and that is easily accessible. If you are planning on marrying in a different location, then giving people plenty of notice and accommodation options will be helpful. See as many possibilities as possible to ensure that you make an informed decision.


Wedding planning can be a lot of fun, so try not to get too stressed with the little details.

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