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Transforming Your Interiors One Feature At A Time

As with fashion, your taste in home interior can change quickly, leaving you feeling dissatisfied with your home. However, while changing your outfit or hairstyle is easily done, upgrading your home decor isn’t quite so simple or affordable! However, it is possible to make a difference to your home in stages, and changing just one feature can make all the difference to the look and feel of your home.

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Read on to find out more about how to transform your home one feature at a time.

Refresh your walls

It’s surprising what a lick of paint can do to completely transform the look of your home. While neutrals and white walls have always been popular, the latest home decor trends make use of coloured walls to create a more stylish look. Think greys, navy and deep greens to give your home a luxury makeover. If painting all of the walls feels like too drastic a change, you could always just start with one feature wall that will instantly upgrade your home.

New flooring for a more modern style

It’s surprising the difference that new flooring can make to your home. If your carpet has seen better days or your wooden flooring has lost its grandeur, consider changing things up for a more modern look. Carpet One have an incredible range of affordable flooring options, from timber to carpet that will help your dated living room feel new again. Keep your new flooring fresher for longer by learning how to maintain it for that ‘as new’ look all the time.


Transform your storage

A room that is cluttered can look and feel untidy, as well as making the room appear smaller than it is. You’ll be surprised at how effective decluttering can be, but to help you maintain your clutter-free look, you’re going to need plenty of good storage solutions to keep everything out of the way. From storage furniture to adding new shelves or decorative boxes and trunks, there are some affordable storage items you can buy to declutter your home quickly and enjoy a chic living space. Pinterest is a great place to find hacks and ideas for all kinds of storage problems, so whether your home is big or small you can find solutions to make it work for you.

Switch up your textiles

Changing the colour scheme of your home is another simple and affordable way to transform how it looks. Choosing different fabrics, textures and colours can be done easily through home accessories and textiles and is even something that can be done season to season if you regularly change your mind. New curtains can also make a difference to your home, so if you can only choose one thing to upgrade, why not make it your window space?


Owning a home comes with a regular cycle of changing your mind and wanting to enjoy different home decor. While completely renovating your home costs a lot of money, smaller upgrades can really make a big difference. Think of small changes you can make to your home that will transform your interior and fall in love with your home all over again.


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