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The Wedding Day Gossip You Don’t Want Your Guests To Take Home With Them

Most of us plan a wedding with our guests in mind. We want to share our love, and we want our guests to enjoy the experience as much as we do. Most of us even hope to throw a party which is sure to keep everyone talking for a long time. That desire alone is what sees us focusing on things like the evening do and the impact of the day.

What you don’t want is for guests to leave your big event with negative comments. It’s never good when Chinese wedding whispers start circulating. Yet, this is the outcome of many a poorly planned day. Of course, these whispers take a variety of forms depending on the wedding. But, there is some common guest gossip which you can put to bed in the following ways.

‘She fell down the aisle’

As a bride, you want everyone to talk about your walk down the aisle. What you don’t want is for them to burst into laughter when they recount the way you fell. Whether it’s the pressure or the shoes, many brides trip or fall while walking down the aisle. And, if there were ever a time to stay steady on your feet, this is it. That’s why you should avoid high wedding shoes. Instead, opt for flat options you know you can walk in. It may also be worth practicing during a wedding rehearsal. That way, you’ll be aware of any bumps in the floor beforehand. Then, the only thing your guests will say about the moment is how beautiful you looked.

‘The rings didn’t fit’

When they recount your ceremony, you want guests near tears as they tell how beautiful it was. You don’t want tears of laughter as they remember the moment you realized your rings didn’t fit. This is nothing more than shoddy planning, and it’s something you need to consider. Before you even buy your rings, you should size your fingers and work with companies like VVS Diamonds to get the ideal cut. Be sure, too, to try your rings before the day so you can resize them if necessary. It’s the only way to guarantee guests remember your vows rather than a silly mistake.


‘The photographs went on for hours’

For most of us, our pictures are one of our primary wedding day priorities. They’re how we remember the day, after all. For the most part, your guests will appreciate that. They’ll even pose for group snaps if that’s what you want. But, don’t take things too far by making them wait around for hours while you do a photoshoot. That’s sure to sour their memories of the day like nothing else. Instead, keep any picture sessions to no more than an hour where you can. If you want to eliminate this issue, you could even search for candid photographers. They’ll get stuck in instead of making you wait. That way, your guests won’t say anything other than what a fantastic time they had.

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