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Greener Home? It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune

Sure, a green and energy-efficient home is very trendy and all that – but, more importantly, it’s great for the environment. At the end of the day, this is what it’s all about and if you’re able to make your home a bit greener without going broke, it’s an opportunity you should jump at straight away.

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Since we’re in the middle of the cold season, this is a great time to find a few ways to save energy at home and make sure that you’re also doing your part to take care of mother earth. Here is a handful of ways to make it happen so that you can feel comfortable at home without worrying about your energy bill or the carbon footprint you’re leaving behind.


First: Conserve the heat and the cold

green home interior
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Making sure that your home stays cool may sound a bit off when you’re doing your very best to stay warm, but the summer months are fast approaching – and you will definitely be looking for ways to cool down a bit as soon as the temperature is rising.


Luckily, the tricks that make your home cooler during the summer will also make it warmer during the winter as it’s all about insulation. Swap out your regular windows for residential vinyl windows, for example, install thicker curtains during the winter and go for something lighter and airier during the summer.

It might not sound like a lot, straight away, but the difference will be immense. You will notice it on the energy bills at the end of each month as well, though, so keep in mind that going green at home is something that can save you money, in the long run.


Next: Grow your own vegetables


Another way to save money is, of course, to make those trips to the grocery shop a bit more cost effective. February is the perfect month to germinate a few seeds at home in your windowsill; they will take quite some time to grow, in any way, and certainly won’t survive outside while it’s still so chilly.

credits to @ohdeardrea another blogger whom i follow for this wonderful photo

Go for the kind of vegetables that are easy to grow for novice gardeners such as leafy greens, zucchinis, and tomatoes. They’re going to make a great addition to your meals as soon as spring and summer are back as well, though, and the food will be both short-travelled and great for your wallet. Who knew that going green could be so cheap and fun?

Shop locally


Finally, you will still need to go to the shop once in a while in order to survive. The best way to do this is, of course, to support the local shops in your area – and preferably the smaller businesses.

Make sure that they get their produce from farms nearby, first of all, and keep in mind that supporting small local shops will both keep your community alive and ensure that small business owners are able to feed their own families.


It just feels a bit better than leaving your cash behind at yet another major supermarket chain that could not care less if they gained or lost another customer.

Nanaykikay Pinterest Templates by Kristin Rappaport

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