WordPress or Blogger? Which is best for monetization

To answer the question about which one is better for monetization, we should ask first whether which is the better platform for your blog and which platform would generate the best traffic.

This answer is easy, WordPress. WordPress is and has been the go-to site for blogs and websites for many years now. Bloggers and businesses trust it and have realized the power and customization of WordPress.


When it comes to monetizing your blog or website, you have a few options for doing this. Whether it be sponsored posts, advertising or affiliate posts, these are all great ways to make your blog or site make money for you.

The most important part of making money from your blog is having the right amount of traffic so that there is a large audience that will purchase the products or services you are advertising or trying to sell.

There is no point in monetizing your blog if there isn’t an audience for your blog. This is where choosing the right blog platform becomes important because the right platform will give you the best ranking on Google and therefore gain you a bigger audience, quicker.

WordPress excels in its SEO and the number of plugins you can download that will vastly improve your SEO, this, in turn, will help your site and blog rank much higher, and therefore gain a much bigger audience.

Once you have that bigger audience, it then becomes a much better option to monetize your blog. Some posts will say monetizing right away is a great idea, but it is almost pointless if you don’t have the audience yet.

How to Monetize

There are a number of options when it comes to monetizing your blog, but there are a few that are vastly superior to others. Affiliate marketing or advertising and adverts are probably your best options.

Adverts are self-explanatory as it involves you placing sidebar, banner, or whatever else type of advert on your website. The company you are advertising will pay you for ad placement and that’s how you will earn your money.

This type of advertising requires a large, consistent audience as the company will not find any value in placing adverts on your site if they are only going to be seen by a handful of people each month.

This type of advertising requires you to have a large audience and stats that you can show the advertisers if they ask. If you are a very well-known and established site, this isn’t always necessary.

Affiliate marketing, on the other hand, is completely controlled by you. There are many affiliate programs to apply, Amazon being the most notable. Affiliate marketing allows you to make money from products you love.

Being an affiliate means you are given your own unique URL code. When you write about products and insert their links, you add your personal URL code, and each sale on Amazon that is made using your link, you then earn a commission.

This allows you to write posts that include products and links to Amazon, and then you can earn passive income no matter the time or day. It is essential to keep these products relevant to your blog as it will assist in ranking.


It is very safe to say that WordPress is the best option for monetization. It is the best platform to get your site to rank, it also has a huge number of plugins, themes, and features that will allow making money to become very easy.

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