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What is Online Freelancing and What is the Best way to get Started?

Today, wide opportunities for earning are opened for each person. Companies and professions are constantly growing. Due to this, the staff is needed and you can choose and develop in the area that brings you the most pleasure and income. And it’s not about the usual office work, but also the Internet.


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Anyone can become a freelancer. All you need is a computer or mobile device, access to the Internet and the desire to earn money. Of course, it is better to have certain skills and knowledge in the chosen area, but even without them, you will find enough work for beginners. And no one forbids you to study and get experience at the same time.

So a freelancer is an online performer.

Freelancing has a lot of pros, such as freedom (schedule, amount of projects, workplace etc) and no need to spend time on the way to the office or special clothes. Plus, you can get the necessary for beginning knowledge for free – from books, videos, online courses, blogs and so on. In addition, your income depends only on you.

Among the cons can be high competition, the necessity to constantly look for customers, improve your qualifications and experience, discipline yourself and be responsible for all work stages. To be true, a freelancer is closer to an independent company, then to an office employee.

To get excelling freelancing work, you need to stand out from other performers, have positive reviews and rating, grow your portfolio all the time.

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The best way to get started is to determine what you like to do and how to earn on it. Popular freelancing activities are working with texts – writing / editing / translating; website creation / promotion; programming and apps development; design; online advertising and PR; administration of various web resources and much more.

Then you need to get some basic knowledge and to choose the most fitting freelancing marketplace. Big popular platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr have high competition and fees, which is not the best thing for beginners. Start with new low competitive websites. For example, Beesy.pro is free to sign up and bid and has projects from the best job search boads in the web in different categories. Speedlancer is open to native writers only and the pay starts at $40 for 500-word articles. Dice connects people for tech-related services… Using any of these websites, you can earn more with the same rates.

Be confident, try different specializations, develop your skills and earn with a pleasure.

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