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How To Definitely Get Your Deposit Back When Leaving A Rented Property

Moving house: It’s a joy, right?

Of course, you know, and we know that ‘joy’ is probably the last word that comes to mind. Sure, there’s the excitement about moving into somewhere new, but with all of the stresses and expenses that are part of the moving process, we can easily forget the positive impact of moving.

Thankfully, there are ways to limit moving stress, as you can see in the linked article. And you can possibly find ways to reduce your expenses too. However, especially when it comes to moving out of a rented property, it is sometimes the case that we lose out financially because our landlord fails to return our deposit. The reasons for this are detailed below, but by following our suggestions, you shouldn’t have to fall foul of the same.

Here are the ways to definitely get your deposit back.

#1: Clean everything

If your rented property is left in an unclean state, then your landlord will withhold some or all of your deposit because they will have to endure the cleaning process themselves. Therefore, clean everything, from the kitchen appliances to the floors of your home. You should notice in your contract that the landlord has probably stipulated that the carpets be deep-cleaned too, especially if you had pets in your property, so rent the necessary cleaning equipment or hire carpet cleaning services to get the job done properly.


#2: Fix any damages to the property

You don’t have to mend anything that is the landlord’s responsibility; i.e. any damages that you didn’t cause yourself. However, if you caused damage to the property in any way, then if it is cost-effective for you to do so, make the necessary repairs yourself or with the help of a professional. And don’t forget to fill in any nail holes on the wall. This is something many tenants forget, but it could cost you some of your deposit. There is some advice here for nail holes and other common damage issues. Get on top of them before moving out day.


#3: Don’t leave anything behind

You shouldn’t take your landlord’s belongings with you when you leave, of course. Even something as small as a cup or a plate could give the landlord reason to withhold your deposit. However, when it comes to your personal items, make sure they leave when you do. Otherwise, your landlord might charge you if they have to clear them away, and the expense could be lifted from your deposit. 


#4: Be around on inspection day

Provided you have followed the steps above; you should get your deposit back. However, some landlords are devious, and they could accuse you of not cleaning properly or fixing damages correctly. After you have given your keys back to them, you will have little defense. However, there are two things you can do to ensure the landlord doesn’t swindle you. Firstly, take photos of the property before you leave, as you then have evidence of the work you have put in. And secondly, be there on inspection day as the landlord is less likely to falsely accuse you of something if you are around to prove them wrong. 



By following the steps above, you should get your deposit back. However, in the event that you don’t, and the landlord does try to swindle you, it is also in your right to take them to a small claims court. Provided you have evidence that he or she is in the wrong, you should get any money owed.

Take care, and thanks for reading.


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