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The Pros and Cons of Moving to the Countryside; Should You Consider It?

For many of us, moving to a rural area can be quite literally like moving to greener pastures. This is because moving to the countryside is often seen as a way to get away from the stress and noise of the city and live somewhere that’s a little more peaceful, relaxed and ultimately more comfortable. However, there are a couple of ups and downs with living in the countryside and in this post, we’re going to cover the biggest ones that you should consider before thinking about moving into a rural area.

Pros of living in the countryside

  • You’re less likely to face dust-related allergies because cities are usually heavier with pollution and oily dust that is harder to clean and stays around the air for longer. With the countryside, the air is far more fresh and clean.
  • Countryside homes often have access to huge gardens which is perfect if you love spending time in your backyard.
  • You’ll have lower levels of stress because you’re not bothered by people around you and the environment is more relaxed and serene.
  • You’ll get a lot more privacy living in the countryside because it’s quieter, there are fewer people around and you likely won’t have nosey neighbours.
  • Your children will generally be safer roaming around locally in a rural area because there are fewer dangers such as cars and criminals.
  • You have many more opportunities to spend time with the kids such as going on relaxing walks, bike rides and even camping trips to help their development.
  • Given all the space you’ll have, it means that your family can grow up with more luxuries such as bigger bedrooms, more pets and access to quality air and less sound pollution.


Cons of living in the countryside

  • You may occasionally get cuts to your utilities such as power and water because of how unstable some regions are. Luckily, you can always prepare for this. For instance, you can order heat logs or wood briquettes as fuel for your home or you can use solar panels which are a greener form of energy.
  • WiFi and other services can be limited around rural areas which can make it difficult to stay connected or utilize the services that need fast speeds such as Netflix and YouTube.
  • Certain services are difficult to find. For example, you’re likely not going to get too much choice for mechanics or contractors, and you’re definitely not going to get a lot of choices for takeout.
  • You might find that job opportunities in the local area are very limited. This isn’t an issue if you work remotely or have your own online-focused career, but if you’re looking for a traditional job then you’ll be limited.
  • Shopping can be quite inconvenient since you likely won’t have a lot of selection locally and deliveries may be limited depending on your location

We hope that this article has given you some idea of what to expect should you decide to move to the countryside. It’s certainly got its advantages, but there are also some cons that you should keep in mind.

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