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Top Philippines Freelancers to Follow

If you are a freelancer or aspiring to be one, and if you are looking to grow your network or just wanting to stay current in your industry, then it would be brilliant to get to know other freelancers who have thrived and succeeded in the field.

Freelancers often find the motivation to continue to learn about the freelance job market through other freelancers. Oftentimes, freelancers help each other out to find clients.

Here is a list of experts and successful freelancers to follow:

MK Bertulfo

MK Bertulfo is the founder of Filipina Homebased Moms (FH Moms), which is one of the most popular parenting and freelancing groups for Filipino Mothers. MK Bertulfo provides free and premium training for mothers who want to make a living while being with their family at home.  If you are a mom who wants to start in the freelancing world, then follow MK Bertulfo’s FH Moms on Facebook.

Leigh Anne Cadiente-Decolongon

Another influential freelancer mom to follow is Leigh Anne Cadiente- Decolongon, founder of the Work-At-Home-Mom Tribe (W.A.H.M. Tribe). She helps moms to grow a profitable online career through leveraging the power of social media.

Nix Eniego

One of the highly regarded Filipino Digital Marketing freelancers is Nix Eniego. He is the founder of the “Social Media Academy,” and he helps other freelancers and aspiring freelancers to pursue the same path he is in.  He mentors thousands of people, and he provides relevant training to aspiring freelancers.

Virginia Bautista

I am sure you have heard about LinkedIn and how optimized profiles in the platform can garner high-paying and quality clients.  If you are looking to work in trusted companies, whether remotely or office-based, or even abroad, then LinkedIn is one of the platforms to go to.

Virginia Bautista is a LinkedIn expert who may be able to help you with optimizing your LinkedIn profile and content strategy development to utilize your LinkedIn to drive premium business leads.

Antonette Nicolas

If you are a freelancer and you are looking at creating an online presence, then Antonette Nicolas is another freelancer to follow who might be able to help you with marketing and personal branding efforts.  She also provides numerous free coaching sessions with lots of actionable tips for the business minded and freelancers. She also has brilliant premium sessions to offer if you want to up your branding for your online presence and career.

Charlyn June Fadchal- Awing

Charlyn June Fadwal- Awing is a Filipino blogger, entrepreneur, and an online freelancer whose mission is to provide valuable information and learning materials to hard-working Filipino moms and small business owners so that they can compete online, earn more, and save for the future.

She is a top-rated freelancer at UpWork and helps out budding freelancers to also succeed.

Carol Tice

One of the popular freelance writers that most freelance writers and authors follow is Carol Tice. You may find valuable and practical tips on her blog and Twitter about how you can become successful at freelance writing.  She authored several book and e-book, which are mostly about becoming an author and how you can make a profit with your skill and passion for writing.


Many others might be as influential as those whose names appeared above, but those who made it to the list are personal favorites who have helped me in one way or another.  Whoever you follow, make sure you reach out and share what you can to the freelancing community as well. Who knows you’ll make it to the list next time?

Graz Estrella

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