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A Wedding That Captures Both Your Hearts

When it comes to planning a wedding, and the execution of the day, a lot of people seem to focus on us females. But the man plays such a big part in the day, and their bank account will usually be one of the main sources of payment. So you have to think about their opinion, rather than just letting them take a back seat and you do all of the planning. A man should have just as much input, even if they say they’re not too bothered about how the day goes…which is obviously a typical man thing to say. It has to capture both of your hearts because you will hopefully only have this one special wedding day together. A day that you’ll be able to carry with you until the very end, so it has to be perfect for both of you. So to try and help with the planning, and to make sure that it doesn’t end up all one side, we’ve come up with some great wedding ideas that will no doubt capture both of your hearts. Keep on reading to find out more!

mr and mrs wedding photo

Keeping The Input Equal

So one of the things that you really need to remember, is that the input should most definitely be equal from both of you. If you want it to capture both of your hearts, it needs to have something there that you’ve both chosen, because you will no doubt have different tastes when it comes to certain things. You also need to make sure that you write a list for the both of you to stick to. If you delegate different tasks to the both of you, it’s going to be far easier for the jobs to get done as they’re meant to. It might be best if you let your man plan the things he wants to because you no doubt will do absolutely anything, but there will probably only be a select few things that they’re interested in sorting.

The Best Parts They Can Plan

So when it comes to this list of things that you can give him to plan, you should think about the ones that he’s really going to find interesting, such as the way you’re going to get there. You will travel separate, and leave together, which means that the transport has to be something that’s going to capture both of your hearts. Wedding limos are usually the best choice, simply because they’re so elegant and easy to find, and you can often find ones that have been customized exactly how you want them to be, meaning the ride is going to be far more enjoyable.


Beautiful Memories To Last A Lifetime

Finally, you need to make sure that you’re making beautiful memories that will last a lifetime because there’s only this one day that you’re going to be able to look back on…we hope. So think about the celebration after, because that’s usually the part that sticks in everyone’s mind the most. Make the party as fun as possible, with drinks flowing all night, games to keep everyone bubbly, and dancing that goes on until the early hours of the morning.

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