A Guide to Choosing A Pediatric Dentist

It is only natural for you as parents to only want the best for your children, especially when it comes to their health. When Ami and Adi had their milk teeth pop out, I started to worry about tooth cavities, tooth decay, and toothache. As our babies grow, they start to have health issues which can be a cause for panic. To make it easier for both parents and their children, it is best to prepare for the expected health concerns, and among them are dental problems. We always wanted to get a specialist who knows how to handle not only things that concern with teeth but also on our children’s behavior, as going to the dentist can be traumatic for our kids and little ones.

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A pediatric dentist focuses specifically on children’s oral issues, something that does require a special set of skills. The pediatric dentist would have patients aged from 3-16 years old. As soon as a child’s milk teeth erupt, they should visit a pediatric dentist, who can give them a thorough oral examination, and should there be any issues, they can be effectively treated before they become serious.

Here is a quick guide to help you out, too:

Sourcing an Established Pediatric Dentist

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Sourcing an established Pediatric Dentist has become easier for us as we know some from the clinics that our Pedia and OB-Gyne also works on. Not all dentists have experience in treating children. Here in Cebu, there are a lot of known clinics and dentists who can assist. Just contact the nearest clinic that you are covered if you want to make use of your health plan benefit. If you are also in Australia where some of my relatives now live, there is an excellent Robina based dentist on the Gold Coast who specialises in treating children, and if you live in another part of Australia, a Google search will help you locate a nearby pediatric dental clinic. If you have a family, the best solution is to register the whole family with a pediatric dentist, as they also provide treatment for adults, and this will ensure that everyone visits the dentist on a regular basis.

A Personal Visit

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If you have located a pediatric dentist online, the best thing to do is pay them a visit before you take your child, as this will give you an opportunity to see the ambiance for yourself, and if everything seems okay, you can bring your child to register. Pediatric dentists know just how to make a child feel at ease, and the clinic would have a warm and friendly ambiance, which is ideal for young children, and with plenty of games and interesting activities in the waiting room, the kids will feel much more relaxed about the whole thing.

Patient Recommendations

This goes a long way towards providing you with peace of mind, and if you have friends in the area who also have children, ask them where their children go for dental treatment. If you know someone who has good things to say about their kid’s dentist, the chances are, you will also be satisfied with the treatment your child receives. Some pediatric dentists post testimonials on their website, which gives you added peace of mind, and it is likely that you have friends who have already found a good pediatric dental clinic that they can recommend.

Preventative Treatment

Children should have a dental examination as soon as their milk teeth erupt, and sadly, some misinformed parents think they should wait until the permanent teeth come through before taking their child to see a dentist. Ask any pediatric dentist and they will tell you that a child should have their first dental appointment as soon as their milk teeth erupt, as this will allow the pediatric dentist to identify any oral issues and treat them promptly.

Some children feel a little uncomfortable about a dental appointment, but if the whole family registers, mum and dad will be there to give them moral support. Regular dental check-ups reduce the risk of serious oral issues, and by combining your child’s dental appointment with your own, your child’s oral health will always be monitored.

Hope you learned a thing or two! I am excited to bring Ami with us this month for a Dentist Check-up.

guide to choosing a pediatric dentist

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