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Creating A Dressing Room

If you have enough space then turning a spare bedroom into a dressing room, is something that many people enjoy. It allows the bedroom only to have what is necessary, which is really great for making the most of relaxing and sleeping in there. You can create something not too different from Carrie Bradshaw’s coveted walk-in from the SATC movie

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Some food for thought before you get started:

Will the room be used just for getting dressed, or for make-up and hair too?

Is it just for you, or will it be used by others?

Is there anything that you want to show off? Shoe collection, bags, jackets?

Sketch It

This is the fun bit, you can create a Pinterest board filled with walk-in closets and dressing rooms to help. Consider carefully where the built in wardrobes will go, the shoe racks, drawers for accessories like belts and ties too. If you have a lot of bags or shoes, then you might like to consider spinning storage.


If you are like Jeffree Star, then you probably want to protect your bags, and use a coded door to keep people out. However, like most people, you might simply have to decide between a door or no door. If the dressing room is going to be off of your bedroom, you might like the opportunity to close it off.


If you are planning on using the room to do your make-up and hair as well as getting dressed, then you are going to want to make sure that you have a chair in there at minimum. Your dressing table will need plenty of light too. So if there is a window consider putting the dressing table facing it, you can work with that all-important natural light.


If you want to be able to see what you have with a glance, then you are probably going to want to have something like trees or hooks. So everything is there and within easy reach. This does mean you are going to want to keep them neatly organized at all times, though.


If you are going to be trying on a lot of heeled shoes, then you might want to give a thick carpet a miss. However, a beautiful sizable rug will make the room look inviting and provide you with something soft to put your feet on. Wood flooring is generally easy to clean too.


There is little point having a room that is dedicated to you getting ready if you don’t have a mirror to look at yourself once you’re dressed. Consider a full-length mirror, or have mirrors on the doors of your wardrobes. You will also have your vanity mirror to work with.


If you have more shoes than you’re ever going to need in a lifetime but love them all, then start taking photos of them. You can keep the ones that you wear the most out on the shelves and then for the ones that get a rare outing, put them in a box and put the photo on the front – so you won’t have to spend ages looking.

Remember that the room should be something that you enjoy, and for that reason, try to keep items that don’t make you happy out of it. And always keep it clean and organized.

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