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Baby Photoshoot Essentials for Newbie Photographers

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Cebu has been known to be the queen city of the South and one better way to capture its beauty is through photography.

One of the most trending photoshoots today is the baby photography next to wedding photography. Amongst the many known Cebu Wedding, Family and Baby Photographers in Cebu are the following:

RainbowFish Photography

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Now, on to baby photoshoots, there are lots of things to consider if you want to be one. Some of the essentials to having the perfect baby photoshoot are the following:

Professional DSLR Camera

A professional DSLR camera is indeed needed for a photoshoot. One can choose from wide arrays depending on the intended purpose and budget. You can try this one




Serve as a helpful accessory for any type of photographer. Five applications in one product; Great versatility to get the perfect lighting. Collapse to a small size; Come with a convenient 10″ carry pouch.



Lenses: Prime and Macro

A standard lens is fine, but if you want to have a few extra options on hand, a prime lens is ideal for newborn photography, as it usually has larger apertures (which is helpful, again, in avoiding the use of flash) while still remaining fairly compact in size. With the prime lens, you get sharper, higher-quality images with less visible aberrations.

Bed, Beanbag, Couch, etc.

You will need something to put on the little babies when you photograph them, this can be anything soft, where the baby will be comfortable and safe. You can use a small bed, a couch, an armchair, beanbag, ottoman, or whatever will work best for your needs.

Backdrops and Backdrop Stand

Backdrops are essential to any photoshoot just as with Newborn photoshoots. You can start with a few different backdrops, using a mix of solids and patterns. You can also use soft blankets, which you can attach to the stand using clamps. There is a wide array of backdrops that you can choose find from ranging from floral, wood, and other vinyl ones.


Basic Cleaning Items

If you will be photographing the baby without any clothes or a diaper on, expect to encounter some accidents (of the messy kind) during your session! Prepare for the inevitable by stocking up on baby wipes, paper towels, or any other baby-safe cleaning items. You may also want to stock up on puppy potty pads, which you can place under the mom or dad while they pose with their baby to catch any poop or pee. The pads can help make clean-up quicker and easier! –


There are some props that you can easily shop for and use. Props are essential to newborn photography because the subject has no time to really pose a lot. Photography props are a great way to add some interesting elements to your photos. Be sure to stock on newborn baby bed, newborn hat, stuffy teddy bear, or a cute hammock on a wood. You can shop for props here.

Newborn Photography can be fun but the first few times you’ll need to educate yourself more on how to handle newborn babies and special care that they need during the sessions. Learn more about NewBorn Photography on CreativeLive.

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