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How To Save The Old Pennies Effectively

Whenever we need some extra money we will probably dip into our savings pot but wouldn’t it be good if we have some extra that we have been effortlessly saving up that didn’t put a dent in our bank accounts? If you need some money to pay for a blocked drain or if you can’t afford your car insurance, you need the money to get by. So let’s have a look at some of the best ways you can save up some money and ensure that you always have a little extra for you! 

Get Selling

Take a little look at all the old junk or unwanted items lying around your home and get them photographed and up on eBay or Depop! This is a brilliant way to gain some extra income and allow your unwanted or unused products to go to a better home. It may be something you just forget to do, but it can be cost-effective. DVDs, CDs and books are always big sellers, but there’s nothing to stop you selling higher priced products also, or whatever you wish! There is money to be made….grab it!

Check Up All Your Old Gift Cards/ Loyalty Cards


Take a sneak peek inside your wallet. You may have loyalty cards and gifts cards stored away that you have never used. You may have money on there that you never used. Store cards are always good, you may even have some from past Christmas, and they usually do not have any time limits on them. Take a little look there first, see what you can do, scour magazines for vouchers and coupons that you can use now! Have a look in local charity shops, these are often fabulous places to find unique items at very reasonable prices. If you work from home, you’ll probably notice your emails more so even look in your junk mail for offers.

Save up your coins! 


Any silvers and pennies you have lying around in your pockets, bottom of your bag, in your car, on your office desk or in drawers can all be put into one big pot and this will certainly give you some extra pounds. Many supermarkets offer a coin into money service so if you have two pots of silvers, you can have them transferred into notes and it’s a great way to save. You will be surprised just how many coins will add up. 


Above all, make sure you don’t get too stressed out about saving money; be sensible and don’t’ compromise on your diet, lifestyle or safety, but be sure that you try to save a little every week. Even just saving PHP500 a week will add up, if it is possible so look at what is the best for your lifestyle and what is doable. Everyone’s finances are totally different, so don’t feel unhappy if some of your friends can afford to save up more; we are all living in different circumstances. 

Grace Estrella - Cabanog
Author: Grace Estrella - Cabanog

I'm Grace. A Mom of 2 kids Adi and Ami. Wife to the love of my life, A. I am Self-taught Bead Crafter. Christian Writer. I share with you my story and know that there is Joy and there is Peace in Jesus Christ!

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