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Save Money, Save the Environment

We as humans have caused massive amounts of damage to the planet that we live on, and in recent years, more issues are coming to light which force us to evaluate our lifestyles. From the plastic crisis to lost animal species, deforestation and more, the earth isn’t in a good way. If you have the money to spend and want to make significant changes to your property there’s plenty you can do from new windows and doors to more efficient radiators and insulation. But there’s plenty you can do that don’t cost a lot, and doing so will save you money overall too. Here are some ideas. 

Be mindful of your waste

Every time we throw items in the bin, they end up either in landfill or are incinerated- both are incredibly bad for the environment. One thing we can do at home is reduce the amount of waste we send to landfill, as we can do that by recycling plastics, glass, metal, cardboard, textiles and other materials. We can also separate things like food waste, and compost this instead. You can build or buy a compost bin for your back garden, everything from your tea bags to egg shells to uncooked, spoiled fruit and vegetables and cardboard can go in. Around nine months later you’ll have a rich, nutrient dense compost that can be used in the garden and has saved additional material going to landfill or being incinerated. 

Use less water

It’s easy to think that letting water run down the tap isn’t bad for the environment but it is- processing and cleaning it so it’s ready to be used again uses fossil fuels. This means that wasting water unnecessarily uses uses fossil fuels which are highly damaging to the planet. Small changes like not running the tap while we brush our teeth, and taking showers instead of baths can all add up. Instead of watering your lawn with water that has been cleaned and processed so it can be consumed, invest in rainwater storage Clark Tanks. That way, you always have access to water for your grass and plants even during drier times, 

Consider your power usage

Turning the lights on or any electrical appliance uses power, we take it for granted this day in age how easy it is to access power and as a result we can be careless with it. The more power you use, the more fossil fuels and burned. It’s of course not to say you should give up using these things entirely, but it’s always worth being mindful of. Switch off lights and appliances when they’re not in use. It’s chilly spring time at the moment so you’re heating will be on, but put it on a timer instead of running it all day, companies like Hive allow you to control this from your phone and make it easier not to use too much. Energy saving bulbs use at least seventy five percent less energy than older styles of light bulbs so make the switch to these too. 

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