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5 features of the Dahua cameras you need to know

For most of the organizations, including the government and business houses, security is one of the highest priorities. If you have a warehouse or a large factory, then you must have the best CCTV cameras installed in your premises so that you can have an overview of all the work that is going on. CCTV cameras have one of the most important functions of keeping the criminals and intruders away and being caught instantly as you are keeping a watch on your premises constantly.

CCTV cameras are available in various budgets and prices with precision and range varying accordingly. One of the best CCTV cameras available in the market is the Dahua camera system. These cameras will provide you with top quality video and have a great range. It might cost you more than the other CCTV cameras, but in the long run, they will be of greater benefit to you.

Dahua cameras
Dahua cameras

All the big business houses with large factories must install the Dahua camera system to increase the visibility, range, and focus as they have better quality cameras. They also come with a lot of features and functionalities that the ordinary cameras do not have.

Features and functions of the Dahua cameras:

  • High definition

When you talk of the high definition CCTV cameras, there is nothing better than the Dahua cameras because it offers 4megapixel 720P and 1020P. It is also the only camera available in the market that will offer you a 4K ultra HD picture and video.

  • Very beneficial for the long-distance transmission of the signals

The Dahua camera system is known for its real-time transmission of the signals in the ultra HD form, with no loss of signals and with audio and video quality. Using the RG6 coaxial cable it can traverse distances of up to 800metres and using the RG59 coaxial cable they can transmit the signals up to 500metres. Again, there is a range available for the different video quality.

  • Easy upgradation into the existing system

Persons who had been using the analog cameras so far it may be very costly and sometimes impossible to change the analog cameras and the cabling into the high definition digital system. But HDVCI systems upgraded easily from the analog systems into the more advanced HCVRs without changing the entire equipment like cables. Thus, it will be less costly for you.

  • Easily integrated with other technologies

The HDVCI 3.0 which is the latest cameras of the Dahua camera system is compatible with all the latest and modern technologies available in the video market. The benefit of using the Dahua cameras is that it can unify multiple systems into one. The Dahua camera system allows you to accept inputs from the different IP cameras, and is also compatible with the analog systems. They can also integrate it into systems having HD over coaxial technologies, HDTVI and the AHD.

  • Ease of use

The Dahua camera system is considered to be a highly advanced real-time CCTV camera system with HD video and audio. And yet it is very simple to use. All you have to do is plug in the device and play it. You do not have to do any changes in the settings for HD video.

Hence, we can see that Dahua cameras are the most advanced and have multiple features and improvements over the other CCTV cameras available in the market. It provides great surveillance and unparalleled quality, reliability, and stability.Dahua always provides feature-rich, reliable cameras, recorders, and accessories at a competitive price.

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